Articles about Anthony Damiani

Here you will find papers written about Anthony Damiani

Here you will find a guidebook and an article written by Avery Solomon concerning Anthony's Astrological Mandalas.  He offers them  to you in hopes they will further the understanding of this very important topic:

Introduction to Anthony's Astrological Mandalas

Nalanda comes to Valois: A response to His Holiness the Dali Lama


2015 was an important year in the archiving of Anthony Damiani’s materials.  He left us a treasure trove of gifts and we wish to share with you a sampling of those gifts, in some way, the crown jewels, his hand drawn diagrams, presented here on our website for the first time.

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A response to His Holiness the Dalai Lama:

It is so clear that His Holiness greatly appreciates Anthony “I really admire his spirit, his dedication for deeper human value.”  Why does  His Holiness keep bringing up the “all is same” argument?   One reason: it simply is full of good humor.  Second: maybe to provoke us! 

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