Donation Campaigns

For a number of years, in honor of his Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday, the Wisdom’s Goldenrod community has made donations to Gutso Hospital Foundation.  The recent major earthquake that shook the Nepal region has put a major strain on the hospitals resources. The hospital, which sustained some minor damage due to the quake, is in desperate need of funds to help relieve the suffering of many affected by the disaster.

We are making a plea to the Wisdom’s Goldenrod community for donations for the hospital.

Donate online via PayPal or send checks to:  Wisdom's Goldenrod, 5801 NYS Route 414, Hector NY  14841

Please note on your mailed donation that it is for His Holiness’s birthday/Hospital relief fund.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Wisdom's Goldenrod (501c3) depends on donations and membership dues to pay for the costs of maintaining the Center and its grounds and supporting its activities. We have ongoing expenses of heat, water, electricity, food for special events, maintenance, renovations, cleaning, landscaping etc.

Since Wisdom's Goldenrod is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, donations made to it are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

There are two ways to make contributions to WG.  We have added PayPal through this website. The suggested amount for dues is between $35 - $75/month. You can make one-time contributions or set up a recurring monthly payment through PayPal. This is an easy, paper-free way of supporting the Center in a consistent manner.  

Donations are also welcome by personal check mailed to:  

Wisdom’s Goldenrod,
5801 Route 414

Hector, NY 14841.  

Some members arrange recurring monthly payments through their bank’s electronic Bill Pay.  Checks defray the Paypal 2.5% charge to WG, but either method of contribution is gratefully received.