We had a lovely Labor Day weekend of shared experience and meditations: our main theme was Remembering and Recognizing Reality/Soul. Ten participants from out of town, and 10-15 from our Ithaca and Hector area. We shared experiences, read Paras from PB, Nisargadatta, Adyashanti; had silent and guided meditations in the afternoons, and Saturday evening a beautiful discussion on Prayer. We continued informal meditations and discussions into Tuesday. George and Marie Folprecht from Toronto stayed with us 12 days and were a great presence and help for all.

As a long-time student of Buddhadharma, I look to the training and the basic principles of spiritual inquiry that I learned at WG from PB and Anthony as the foundation for practice and insight. With that in mind, I returned to WG after many years to attend this year’s Summer Studies program on “Time and Paul Brunton”. The topic of time is crucial in Buddhadharma as well as other traditions, so I looked forward to a provocative program. I was not disappointed and in fact pleasantly unsurprised to find the WG practice of inquiry still vigorous and inspiring.


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Practicing the Presence of Gods:

A beginner's mind conversation with Anthony's astrology --

We'll explore ways of entering into Anthony's astrology as a mandala that intimates where and how to look for one's soul.

The class meets on Mondays, 7:30 pm at Wisdom's Goldenrod library.

Please join us if you're interested in exploring this topic.

Meditation meets Nonduality: Remembering and Recognizing Reality

You are welcome to a soul gathering: September 3-4 at Wisdom’s Goldenrod.
Please join us for shared experience conversation and meditations: a union of practical metaphysical and mystical.

We explore four gateways to remembering and recognizing reality: open awareness, spontaneous presence, unific loving gratefulness and ineffable mystery.  Each of us decides on how to put remembering into life!

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