What is Philosophy?

In this section you will find some hints into the meaning of the word "Philosophy".  The order in which you read this imformation is up to you -- follow your intuition, your heart.  We suggest that you start with the short quote from PB on "The way to use a philosophic book".  We are sure he would extend that meaning to "the way to use a philosophic website".

The way to use a philosophic book is not to expect to understand all of it at the first trial, and consequently not to get disheartened when failure to understand is frequent. Using this cautionary approach, he should carefully note each phrase or paragraph that brings an intuitive response in his heart's deep feeling (not to be confused with an intellectual acquiescence in the head's logical working). As soon as, and every time, this happens, he should stop his reading, put the book momentarily aside, and surrender himself to the activating words alone. Let them work upon him in their own way. He is merely to be quiet and be receptive. For it is out of such a response that he may eventually find that a door opens to his inner being and a light shines where there was none before. When he passes through that doorway and steps into that light, the rest of the book will be easy to understand. 

 -- PB

An introductory article to the meaning of the word "Philosophia", written by Carol DeAntoni.


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Some introductory quotes from  The Notebooks of Paul Brunton (The "quote number" that is associated with the PB para come from the online version of PB's notebooks.)