Wisdom's Goldenrod, Center for Philosophic Studies is a non-profit organization (501c3) that provides an environment for the nonsectarian comparative study of Western and Eastern philosophies, from ancient to contemporary with the aim of understanding the truths that underlie all traditions.

“The Center” was founded in 1972 by Anthony Damiani, a long time student of Paul Brunton.  Studies have continued uninterrupted since Anthony’s death in 1984 and are led by members, who also share responsibility for the maintenance of the facilities.

The timeline below gives the key moments that led up to the creation of Wisdoms’s Goldenrod and PBPF creation as well as some important events in their history:

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At some time in the late 1950s PB told my father and a group of friends that there would be a nuclear war and that they would be advised to leave the US (at least the major cities) as the fall out would be devastating.  My father, his brother Michael and a friend, Charlie Mira, bought some property in Ecuador and hired a mason to build a house there.  The missile crisis came and went and after deciding not to leave the country, my father still resolved to leave New York City.

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November 2016: These logs are soaking up the atmosphere at the Center in preparation for being part of the library restoration project. Insects, moisture and time have seriously damaged a number of logs on the northwest side of the building.

We have just completed the renovation of the small bathroom in the main center building.  It took a lot of work to upgrade that little room. We have now moved onto renovating the bathroom in the Annex and hope to complete that project before December 1, 2016. The larger bathroom in the main center building is next on the agenda, but may have to wait till the new year to begin.

January 2017: We have a plan and approved funding for the main Center bathroom renovation. We have a local contractor that lined up for the project and we hope to get started by the end of January. We will also be putting a fresh coat of paint in the meditation room.


March 2017:  Bathroom renovations in the main Center building are now complete.  A local contractor has agreed to help with the Library log replacement later this summer.  The next project for the main buidling is renovating the upstairs area above the kitchen in the main building.  Sanding and repairing to floor will be the first step in this project.


June 2017:  The meditation room has recieved a new coat of paint and the area above the meditation room got a thorough cleaning.  We have had two sucessful work days that included cleaning, planting clearing, mowing.  The library log project has been pushed until later this summer.


This is a spot on our site where we wish to honor those who have been a part of our community. ...