A beginner's mind conversation with Anthony's astrology --

We'll explore ways of entering into Anthony's astrology as a mandala that intimates where and how to look for one's soul.

Starting out Monday, January 12, 7:30 pm at Wisdom's Goldenrod library. We are planning to meet weekly.

Please join us if you're interested in exploring this topic.

2015 will be an important year in the archiving of Anthony Damiani’s materials.  He left us a treasure trove of gifts and we wish to share with you a sampling of those gifts, in some way, the crown jewels, his hand drawn diagrams, presented here on our website for the first time.

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Unlike many of us who appreciate the teachings of Ramana Maharshi but were born too late to travel to see him, Paul Brunton (“PB”) had the good fortune to meet the Maharshi in the 1930s. The reverence that PB felt for the Maharshi  is evident in what he wrote after Maharshi left his body: “One night in the spring of 1950, at the very moment that a flaring starry body flashed across the sky and hovered over the Hill of the Holy Beacon, there passed out of his aged body the spirit of the dying Maharshi. He was the one Indian mystic who inspired me most, the one Indian sage whom I revered most, and his power was such that both Governor-General and ragged coolie sat together at his feet with the feeling that they were in a divine presence. Certain factors combined to keep us apart during the last ten years of his life, but the inner telepathic contact and close spiritual affinity between us remained--and remains--vivid and unbroken. Last year he sent me this final message through a visiting friend: "When heart speaks to heart, what is there to say?"” (paulbrunton.org/notebooks/15/2#453)


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It is our honor to be able to present to you a paper that Michael Wakoff delivered to the Prometheus Trust Conference on July 5, 2014:  "If It Was What It Speaks": the Human Soul's Attainment of Self-Knowledge according to Plotinus.

“….yet the essence of it is very simple. You are all victims of a machine which is producing thoughts continuously, and you have lost control of the machine.” 

Paul Brunton (from an audio tape Tony and Ella May Damiani brought back to their students at the American Brahman Bookstore in the early 1970s from a visit to PB in Switzerland. The recording is available in the member section of the website).

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We are please to be able to present videos of Lenny's talks: on "The Geometric meaning of the Zodiac",  part one, and part two. Lenny has also made available a document called "Stars" -- a Coda to his talks.


Thoughts on the World Crisis
By Carol DeAnton

We address life’s fundamental questions uniquely in each age, and this juncture that we are facing is so critical our questions need to be asked with the urgency and passion, with the renewed vigor only a crisis can engender.  What is the substance and meaning of the world and what is the purpose of our life on Earth?   What do we yet need to learn about our relationship with Nature, the universal intelligence governing this immense web of life?

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Here you will find a free and searchable database of Paul Brunton's Notebooks.


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