“Philosophy is indeed the science of living perfectly, and is above all things, to speak briefly, the cause to Souls of a perfect life. “ 

Iamblichus,  quoted from The Shrine of Wisdom

Dear friends,

We will have work days on June 20th, outdoors and in, rain or shine to prepare our beautiful Center for summer activities. Please come as you can--it's fun to work with friends. Let Cindy and or Steve know:  If you prefer to work on weekdays, contact Steve  to join in weekday projects.

Our new email lists are now alive and working!  Thank you all for making the transition an easy one.  We are starting out with two lists, detailed below.  Currently the membership of the two lists are almost, but not quite identical (a few more of you picked just "WGEvents" over "Goldenrod").  If you have any problems or questions concerning the lists or their functions (or feel the need for additional lists) please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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That the universe has a structure, a flowing one, is a modern scientific `fact'. And that there is `something' that flows may be included in that notion. Consequently the reality that we live in, and that we are — thinking, feeling, willing — and all that perception reveals, is also part of that whole. We are of that very substance which includes all possible arrangements of itself — even denial. This cosmic order is equivalent to what the ancients called Intellect; and further, we as its offspring, are directly related to it, as the warp and woof of our very being . . . physical, emotional, mental .. .

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A beginner's mind conversation with Anthony's astrology --

We'll explore ways of entering into Anthony's astrology as a mandala that intimates where and how to look for one's soul.

Starting out Monday, January 12, 7:30 pm at Wisdom's Goldenrod library. We are planning to meet weekly.

Please join us if you're interested in exploring this topic.

Vic Mansfield -- Book Signing and Talk at Wisdom's Goldenrod, March 1, 2008

In Astronoesis[1] Anthony Damiani has given a masterful exegesis of Plotinus’ philosophy of truth. The following excerpts, supplementary quotes and comments are meant to give an introduction to the core premises.  While there is a risk that such a brief introduction will truncate the meaning and impact of such a revelatory vision, with this concern exposed, if read with reverent and close attention, it is possible for these excerpts to reveal something essential of what Anthony unfolds in Astronoesis. This is Part One of a series.                              Carol DeAntoni

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 Here is a Youtube video of Lous talking about Sri Sankara






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2015 will be an important year in the archiving of Anthony Damiani’s materials.  He left us a treasure trove of gifts and we wish to share with you a sampling of those gifts, in some way, the crown jewels, his hand drawn diagrams, presented here on our website for the first time.

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It is our honor to be able to present to you a paper that Michael Wakoff delivered to the Prometheus Trust Conference on July 5, 2014:  "If It Was What It Speaks": the Human Soul's Attainment of Self-Knowledge according to Plotinus.